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The Party

Pinterest for the campaign

Kalina - Swashbuckler. Damage d10, hit points 21.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
13 (+1) 14 (+1) 13 (+1) 15 (+1) 10 (+0) 14 (+1)

Alignment: Chaotic: Give an enemy a second chance

Race: Human; Fighting Company

Moves: Parry; Deft Technique; Resourceful; Challenge

Equipment: Leather armour, short sword, blanket, 40 gold coin, adventurer’s pack, 15 rations; 40 gold coin

Appearance: a tall, broad-shouldered, eye-catching young woman; 5’10”, 20 years old. She wears an ill-fitting leather jerkin over inexpensive but comfortable yellow travelling clothes. She carries a shortsword.

Background: Born to a family of merchants in Metrol, Cyre. Kalina was always interested in stories of adventure and liked to travel as a child. She learned some of the epic legends and songs of Galifar and might have trained to be a Bard. However her home country was destroyed in the Mourning when she was sixteen, and her father was killed by the same; fortunately, Kalina and her mother were in Breland on business at the time. She signed up for the expedition looking for adventure.

Personality: Kalina has taken the loss of her homeland better than many of her countryfolk, seeing it as an opportunity to redefine herself as an independent adventurer. She longs to be part of some great story. Charismatic and intelligent, she is a natural leader. She is not strongly religious, but believes in the Sovereign Host and prays to Ollandra sometimes.

Arjen - Fighter. Damage d6, hit points 16.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
12 (+0) 9 (+0) 6 (-1) 7 (-1) 6 (-1) 7 (-1)

Alignment: Neutral: gain fame or wealth

Race: Human; worships Balinor; Survival

Moves: Armoured; Weapon Specialization: Two-handers; Battle-Ready; Combat Awareness

Equipment: Leather armour, 2xshort sword, 40 gold coin, bedroll, adventurer’s kit, 15 rations; 40 gold coin

Appearance: 21 years old, 6’1”. Arjen is roughly-dressed in homespun brown peasant’s trousers and a leather hauberk (still bearing burn marks in places). He carries a shortsword.

Background: A lumberjack from near Wyr in Aundair. His parents were farmers; he lived in a rural community there during a period of decline, due to the Last War, the loss of the nearby Eldeen Reaches when it declared independence, and a loss of people due to urbanisation as the technology of the Five Nations began to change the way of life of ordinary people.

Personality: Arjen has always lived a rural life and is adventuring partly to escape from the changes that are eroding that way of life in his homeland. He is somewhat in awe of all magical and strange things; so far, he is more comfortable scouting than fighting (though he is not much good at either). Worships the Host, particularly Balinor.

Level Up(Sakhisli): +1 Wis; Channeler

Channeler is one of the GrimWorld playbooks. The main thing to happen to Sakhisli so far is that fight with the fire mephit where she was badly burned (nearly killed) and shouted about being unafraid of fire. I think she had been imprinted with fire abilities as a result.

Sakhisli - Channeler. Damage d4, hit points 26.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
10 (+0) 14 (+1) 16 (+2) 8 (-1) 9 (+0) 11 (+0)

Alignment: Chaotic: Use your conduit to cause great disorder or chaos

Race: Dwarf; conduit for flame, emanating from her fingers

Moves: Summon Elemental; Trickle; Channel; Techniques; Elemental Protection

Equipment: Leather armour; hammer; blanket; 10 rations; 40 gold coin

Appearance: a stout dwarf woman; 4’0”, 49 years old. She wears red trousers and a leather hauberk, and she carries an old dwarven forge hammer. She wears her black hair in a long braid. The left side of her face and left arm were badly burned recently.

Personality: She can be loudmouthed and her temper flares sometimes. Otherwise, she is happy to work as part of a group and willing to do hard work without complaining.

Background: Born in the Mror Holds in north-eastern Khorvaire. She was a smith, born to a family of smiths, and has spent at least twenty years working a forge. She was forced to leave her homeland and her people for unknown reasons; she worked as a blacksmith in Atur for a while, but grew tired of such routine work and decided to seek riches by a faster route, joining the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild around a month before the current expedition to Xen’drik was formed. She was badly burned by a fire mephit during the fire giants’ attack, but she came away untroubled by it. Worships Onatar, of the Sovereign Host.

Kyorlin - Hunter. Damage d8, hit points 22.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
9 (+0) 13 (+1) 14 (+1) 15 (+1) 13 (+1) 11 (+0)

Alignment: Chaotic: Free someone from literal or figurative bonds

Race: Drow elf: When you undertake a perilous journey through wilderness, whatever job you take you succeed at

Moves: Revenge; Hunt and Track; Hunter’s Mark; I Wander Alone; Set The Trap

Equipment: Leather armour; shortbow; arrows; 10 rations; 80 gold coin; two long hunting knives and a dagger; athame (unknown to him, magical)

Originally I created Kyorlin as a Ranger; although I retconned him into a Hunter, I kept his gear and alignment unchanged.

Appearance: 5’7”, 130 years old. Kyorlin is grey-skinned, slender, with white hair but a young face for an elf. He wears well-fitted leathers, made himself from his kills as a jungle hunter; his clothes are grubby from years of travelling the jungles of Xen’drik. He carries two long-bladed hunting knifes at his belt and a shortbow on his back.

Personality: Kyorlin is intelligent and thoughtful; he can act in haste when required but prefers to have time to plan. The loss of his brother to fire giants has affected him, time will tell how. He hates fire giants, resenting their presence in Xen’drik far more than the outsiders from Khorvaire. A worshipper of Vulkoor, the scorpion god.

Background: He was born into one of the Vulkoorim drow tribes that populate the jungles of Xen’drik. Trained as a hunter from a young age, he has a hundred years of experience in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness; the only other civilisation that he has seen is the city of Stormreach. With his brother, he left his tribe some years ago for reasons yet unknown, and has made a living as a guide for Khorvairian expeditions through the jungle. His brother was recently killed by fire giants.

Arjen: Common
Kalina: Common, Elven
Kyorlin: Giantish, Common
Sakhisli: Dwarven, Common

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